Dave here.  My goal with Bestnewscifibooks.com is simply to offer up a curated list of quality, new sci-fi. Hopefully you, the SF reader, will find a few enjoyable titles you may not have considered. I know all of this is subjective, everyone’s tastes differ, so feel free to let me have it in the comments section if you see fit.

I’ve loved sci-fi since I first stumbled on Ray Bradbury’s Golden Apples of the Sun a long time ago. Dune followed. Then Star Wars movies. I watched Return of the Jedi sitting on the hood of my dad’s old ’77 Ford at a drive-in.

I studied fiction writing at university. They said, no genre.

I said, what’s genre? (I was young.)

You know, like cowboy stories, romance, murder mysteries, and sci-fi, they said.

Well, geesh. That all the good stuff, I thought.

But I struggled through it. No space ships, or murdering aliens. Bummer. But now they can all all kiss my butt. Because I have a growing website devoted to space ships and ion cannons.