Sci-Fi Author J.D. Oppenheim

J.D. Oppenheim writes sci-fi space opera. Military elements, battles with alien races attempting to wipe out humanity, synthetic assassins, rail guns, etc. are all in play, but at the heart of it all is space opera with enjoyable characters and a good story.

Books currenty available by J.D. Oppenheim:

The Lost Gunboat Captain, Book 1 of the Jolo Vargas Space Opera

The Lost Gunboat Captain
The Lost Gunboat Captain

Lost in space.

Hunted by Federation gunships.

Captain Jolo Vargas is a dead man–and doesn’t even know it.

Jolo wakes up in a probe hurtling through space with only 36 hours of
oxygen left. He can’t remember anything–not even his own name. The
only solid memory he can muster is a girl named Jaylen, an engineer on
his gunboat years ago. Hellbent on finding her, Jolo sets out on a perilous journey.

Fighting time with a target on his back, Jolo must find Jaylen, find sanctuary, and find himself… if the Fed warships don’t find him first. Is this a mission impossible for the lost captain?
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